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ID Manufacturer Model Condition Length Weight Notes Price
O1 Orvis Battenkill New 7' 2pc 2tip 4 wt This is a new rod ser#88956 $1200.00
02 So.Bend #47 ex cond 9' 3pc2tip 6 wt  3pc 2 tip ex cond.Bag & tube $125.00
03 Heddon   Refinished 7'6" 4/5 Refinished new reel seat $375.00
04 So Bend #36 VG 8'-6"2tip 5/6 3pc 2T Mid section 1" short,Cross double built $275.00
05 Penta? 79 VG 7'-9"2tip 5/6 Rod just refinished,bag & tube casts well $375.00
06 Mills & Son Standard VG 8" 3pc 2tip 4/5 Mid section 1"short,just rewound / varnish $800.00
07 Edwards Quad #35 VG 8' 3Pc2tip 6/7 Rod is a great casting new reel seat and just rewound & varnished $550.00
08 Weber Quadkraft   good 8'6" 3pc 2tip 6/7 A quad by Henshall 1tip short,new reel seat & varnish,bag & tube 250.00
09 Montague Rapidan Rapidan VG 9' 3pc 2tip 6/7 A nice old 3pc rod in vg condition All sections are full length.Or bag no tube $175.00
10 Montague rapidan VG 9' 3pc 6/7 Same as above $175.oo
11 Montague Clipper Clipper Fair 9' 3pc 6/7 Rod has one tip that is 2" short.still casts well $75.00
12 Montague Sunbeam sunbeam Fair 8'6" 3pc 1 tip 6/7 A nice casting rod $50.00
13 Montague Spinning Rod Good 7' 2pc   A nice bamboo spinning rod in good condition.Tube,no bag $125.00
14 Heddon Dowagiac Bait Casting VG 2pc/2tip   A great find,A Heddon rod in great condition one tip for a 5' rod and one for 5'6" $325.00
15 Leonard Duracane Model807 EXL 2pc/2tip 6/7 A great casting classic rod origional bag and case Ser#2418 $975.00


16 HI Cut Down EX 2pc/2tip 4/5 This was an older HI rod that I made a 2pc rod using the mid section and the two tips.Rod casts well.A nice rod to get into bamboo.Bag & Tube $100.00
17 Pflueger Security#2600 Exl 3pc/2tip 6 In over 55yrs in the tackle business this is the first Pflueger bamboo fly rod I have seen.Rod is in mint condition origional bag,new tube.A true collectors item. $450.00
18 Leonard Salmon Mint 3pc/2tip 10/11 A great old 3 pc 2 tip 2 handed rod with N/S seat and a fighting butt.A reel collectors item $1500.00
19 A&F Bait Casting Exl 3pc/2tip   A great old A&F bait casting rod Just restored to mint condition Origional hdw & canvas bag trumpet guides $400.00
.20 F E Thomas Bait casting Being restored 2 pc 3 tip   Agreat find I am in the process of re winding & refinshing  
22 Thomas Salmon Rod Salmon









Exl 3pc/2tip 10/11 A 10'6" 3pc 2 tip  rod with origional guides and wraps.A great casting rod,has origional bag & tube $950.00